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DMA-1098  二聚酸

DMA-1080  二聚酸

TMA-3085  三聚酸

HDMA-2098 氢化二聚酸



Dimer acid

CAS No.:61788-89-4


         Dimer acid at higher temperatures, various reactions can occur on the carboxy group, is reacted with a common amine to an amide, dimer acid in the acid-containing monomer and a small amount of a trace amount of trimer acid, dimer acid can be dissolved most organic solvents,.

Performance characteristics:
1、 At room temperature, light yellow transparent viscous liquid.
2、 Flash point, ignition high and low temperature ice-free features.
3、 Insoluble in most solvents.
4、 Higher viscosity and good adhesion.

The main technical indicators:

Dimer Monomer Trimer other
DMA-1098 Min.98 <0.5 <2 more…
DMA-1080 75~85 Max.6 8~17 more…
TMA-3085 Max.14 Max.1.0 Min.85 more…
HDMA-2098 Min.98 Max.1.0 Max.1.5 more…

Main purpose:

1、 Dimer acid with an amine in an amount of different additives can generate a variety of different molecular weights participating polyamide, widely used in the manufacture of plastic embossing printing inks.

2、 Dimer acid polyamide polyamine reacts with active amine, widely used in manufacturing two-component epoxy paint, curing agents and epoxy adhesive, cured with good mechanical and electrochemical properties. In addition, also for the manufacture of a variety of low-temperature, low-pressure specialty lubricants, metal processing oil.

3、 Dimer acid used in the manufacture of hot melt adhesive, and is widely used in the manufacture of electronic and electrical products and thermoplastic automotive interiors, shoes and so on.

4、High-grade polyamide resin ; Hot Melt Adhesive  ; Lubricating oil ; Polyester resin

    Rust inhibition of oil field ; Epoxy resin curing agent.



    二聚酸Dimer acid CAS No.:61788-89-4

    三聚酸Trimer acid CAS No.:68937-90-6

    氢化二聚酸Hydrogenated dimer acid CAS No.:68783-41-5